Interlaken IP Subsystem

High speed chip-to-chip interface protocol with scalable bandwidth, low latency and reliable data transfer over serial links. The latest generation supports up to 1.2 Tbps bandwidth with support for NRZ and PAM4 serial links.

ZetaCORE Interlaken Controller

Interlaken IP is used by many applications including NPU, traffic management and switch fabrics. Alphawave Semi (through the OpenFive acquisition), was a founding member of the Interlaken Alliance and supports silicon-proven Interlaken IP with over 75+ tier 1 customers on various technology and process nodes. The ZetaCORETM IP includes a validation platform supporting up to 1.2 Tbps (64K channels and 48 SerDes lanes) using a wide range of transceiver speeds and Forward Error Correction (FEC) engines.

Key Features

Extending on the 8th generation of its Interlaken IP core, Alphawave Semi has now introduced a low latency version of the Chip-to-Chip (C2C) and Die-to-Die (D2D) connectivity Interlaken IP used across many applications. Cutting edge technologies such as High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Language (ML) chip clusters, Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices, networking, and switching fabrics are demanding high throughput data transfer from one chip to another at very Low Latency (LL). The Interlaken-LL includes a validation platform supporting up to 256 Gbps.

High-Level Features

  • SOC Micro-architecture
  • RTL Design and Synthesis
  • Supports SerDes from 3.125 Gbps to 112 Gbps
  • Supports up to 64K channels
  • Supports Interlaken Look Aside protocol
  • Supports flow control (in band and out of band)
  • Supports bifurcation and aggregation with multi-core configuration
  • Supports flexible user interface options

Interlaken Controller Block Diagram

Interlaken Forward Error Correction (ILKN FEC)

High Level Features

  • Supports 112G PAM4 SerDes
  • Supports Interlaken protocol and Ethernet protocol
  • Supports RS (544,514) FEC testing and troubleshooting
  • Supports configurable Alignment Marker (AM)

Interlaken FEC(ILK FEC) Block Diagram

IP Customization

If you already have a specific SOC IP spec in mind, our team can help you to customize the controller IP as per your requirements.