OpenFive and AnalogX to Provide Optimized Chip-to-Chip Interface IP Solutions

Interlaken C2C Controller IP from OpenFive and AXLinkIO SerDes IP from AnalogX achieves ultra-low latency and <1pJ/bit solution for a Tier-1 customer

SAN MATEO, Calif., (BUSINESS WIRE) Oct 5, 2020 

OpenFive, the leading provider of customizable, silicon-focused solutions with differentiated IP, along with AnalogX, a provider of SerDes interface IP, today announced a complete sub-system solution and implementation for Chip-to-Chip (C2C) interface with ultra-low latency and power. This solution can be optimized for various bandwidth requirements of AI, HPC, Networking, Storage, Aerospace, and 5G base station applications.

OpenFive’s 8th generation Interlaken Controller IP is silicon-proven on multiple process nodes with tier-1 customers. OpenFive’s 8th gen. Interlaken IP supports from 1 up to 48 SerDes lanes with up to 112G SerDes rates, providing a scalable interface that offers end-to-end reliability using optional re-transmission and flows control mechanisms. For high-frequency native chip interfaces, OpenFive 8th gen Interlaken has been proven to support up to 1.6Tbps data throughput, and optional forward error correction engines (FEC) further provide bit error rate improvements.

AnalogX Inc. is a world leader in ultra-low power SerDes IP with a rich portfolio of interconnectivity solutions ranging from USR, XSR, VSR, to MR applications. AnalogX USR die-to-die (D2D) SerDes offers sub-pico-joule per bit (pJ/bit) and multi-terabit per mm area efficiency. AnalogX XSR/VSR chip-to-chip SerDes offers a1.5pJ/bit solution for low-energy scaling of multiple SoCs in a single PCB while providing approximately one terabit-per-mm area efficiency. AnalogX XSR/VSR configurations support up to 20 parallel lanes with very low latency, and AnalogX multi-protocol SerDes offers 2.5 pJ/bit energy efficiency for PCIe® Gen 5 connectivity while offering compatibility with CCIX®, CXL™, and other standard protocols. AnalogX IPs are currently available across multiple foundries and 22nm,16nm,12nm,7nm, and 6 nm technology nodes.

About OpenFive

OpenFive is a self-contained and autonomous custom silicon business unit of SiFive and offers customizable and differentiated SoC IP for Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, HPC, and Networking solutions. The OpenFive portfolio includes low-latency, high-throughput Interlaken connectivity fabric, 400/800G Ethernet, High-bandwidth memory (HBM2/E), USB subsystem IP, and die-to-die interconnect IP for next-generation heterogeneous chiplet-style products. OpenFive’s end-to-end expertise in Architecture, Design Implementation, Software, Silicon Validation and Manufacturing delivers high-quality silicon, with first-time-right results. For more information, please visit

About AnalogX

AnalogX Inc. develops ultra-low power connectivity IP solutions to connect chips and chiplets. With product available across multiple foundries and technology nodes, AnalogX’s mission is to enable high-end, mixed-signal IPs that drive revolutionary SoC designs for high-bandwidth applications that range from AI to Data Center Computing. AnalogX is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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