Signal Integrity analysis of HBM2E-based Silicon Interposer using SystemSI


  • High bandwidth, low latency communications with high-density off-chip memory for graphics, high performance computing and high-end networking

HBM2/2E PHY Specifications

  • Integrated HBM controller and HBM PHY subsystem solution supporting HBM2 and HBM2E JEDEC spec for
    a wide range of technology and foundry nodes.
  • SiFive plays a key role in enabling industry applications that leverage HBM 3D-stacked DRAM technology:
    • Early advocate of 2.5D and 3D ASIC design technologies: developer of the industry’s first successful 2.5D SOC SiP

HBM2/2E Interface

  • CMOS I/O with programmable drive strengths
  • 3.2Gbps/1.6GHz DDR with light output loading
  • Up to 5mm interposer trace length support meeting 3.2Gbps per pin date rate
  • Electrically compatible with JEDEC HBM2/2E spec
  • Optional differential receiver

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