Employee Testimonials

Shilpa Balai

VLSI Engineering

I’m excited to announce that I am taking on a new role as VLSI Engineer at Alphawave Semi. I want to share my experience regarding the same. The interview process was thorough. I went through three rounds of technical interviews followed by one HR round. I was tested conceptually as well as questions related to my experience (synthesis & TA) were asked.

It’s been more than a week since I joined. I found my colleagues very open, helpful, and easy to reach. People are brilliant here. My seniors, Managers, and even VC are so easygoing. One thing that I really appreciate here is that there are no constraints as long as the work is done on time. Soon, I will be involved in projects and I am sure I will get to learn a lot here. HR policies also seem to be very much employee friendly.

Ajijur R

Silicon Engineering

It’s more than a year and a half since I joined Alphawave Semi as a technical member of the management team. They made it very easy for me to establish myself in the team by taking me through a thorough orientation of the company, clients, projects, and teams and by providing me a space to integrate smoothly. Alphawave Semi work culture is very responsive and supportive – they provided plenty of opportunities to work in lots of new areas with constant backing from top management. Here, junior people get unique opportunities to work on different projects across various foundries and technology nodes. The management teams are easily approachable; they always address the concerns of employees and provide regular updates to help them build more confidence. Thank you Alphawave Semi for this wonderful journey so far and I am looking forward to the continuation of the same in the future!

Pranav K

SoC IP Engineering

Joining Alphawave Semi was a great turning point in my career. I never imagined my journey would be so rewarding and fulfilling. SoC Design is all about SPEC to PART and eventually working silicon, but in between, there are many stages of development. The company culture provides an open floor to explore, learn at each design phase under the guidance of respective domain experts. I get full exposure all the way from architecture, design, PD, validation to the firmware.

Rishikesh D

Software Engineering

I started out as an Intern at Alphawave Semi during my last semester of college. As a beginner, working with intelligent, inspiring, and friendly people of this company always motivated me to learn, improve and excel in my work. The beautiful blend of excellence, determination, respect, and care in the productive work culture helped me grow personally and professionally. Upon completing my graduation, I was provided with a full-time opportunity to continue my journey with this amazing company. Even in the pandemic circumstances while maintaining social distance, learning, cooperation, and collaboration never seized.

Sneha P

SoC IP Engineering

Working at Alphawave Semi is a great pleasure and privilege for me. I am surrounded by diverse teams; all intelligent and friendly people. The environment encourages people to come up with ideas and helps them realize those. Our focus is always on timely deliveries, customer satisfaction, and excellence in our work. It’s not all work, we have fun times as well and those are really fun. In fact, the company values the principles of work-life balance.

Sagar K

Software Engineering

It’s almost a decade ago, I joined Open-Silicon, which is now Alphawave Semi. I still feel the same energy, enthusiasm, and encouragement in the company.
In my experience, Alphawave Semi is a great place to work, provides a conducive environment for learning and growth under able leadership.

As a “COMPANY” I would like to describe Alphawave Semi as:
C: Compassionate and comfortable for all employees at all levels.
O: Opportunities and challenges across multiple verticals.
M: Mix of responsibilities if you wish to contribute.
P: Passion to achieve your dreams aligned with the organization’s goals is always encouraged.
A: Aim for higher goals and you can achieve those with the help of mentors.
N: Never let down customers – the company has always excelled in expectations.
Y: Yields of trust, hard work, dedication are always rewarded in many ways.