UCIe Die-to-Die (D2D) IP Subsystem

Alphawave’s UCIe Die-to-Die IP Subsystem offers a unique solution with extremely low power, high throughput, and low latency links enabling faster time to integration for heterogenous chiplet connections in wired communications, Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC), Datacenters and Networking applications.

UCIe D2D IP Subsystem

UCIe D2D IP Subsystem is targeted for heterogeneous chiplet solutions. With recent advances in package technologies, it is possible to route high-speed signals within a package connecting multiple dies either on an interposer or on an organic substrate. Alphawave’s UCIe D2D IP Subsystem offers a complete solution with AresCORE UCIe D2D PHY and GammaCORE UCIe D2D controller IPs to enable faster time to integration.


  • High bandwidth density per mm of shoreline, >11.8Tbps/mm (Advanced Package) and >2Tbps/mm (Standard Package)​
  • High data-rate-per-lane, up to 36Gbps​

  • Extremely power efficient with less than 0.5 pJ/bit power consumption​

  • Channel lengths support up to 5mm with latency less than 2ns (Other combinations are available)​

  • Built-in PLL to support differential clock forwarding​
  • Equipped with full calibrations, training, DFT, and reliability features​
  • Comprehensive testability with Built-In Self-Test (BIST), internal and external loopback, and non-destructive eye diagram​

  • Features for KGD (Known Good Die) testing​

  • Complete set of test vehicles for interoperability testing for robust chiplet ecosystem​
  • Available in leading-edge foundries across multiple technology nodes
AresCORE Block Diagram

GammaCORE UCIe D2D Controller IP

  • Highly configurable and customizable Controller IP with Streaming Protocol Layer, to extend the SoC interface across the UCIe link, and the Adapter Layer, to provide a reliable end-to-end link​
  • Adapter (CRC/Retry) based on 256B Latency Optimized Flit format​

  • Streaming protocol for any specific SOC Interface: AXI4, AXI-S, TileLink, CXS, CHI, and some proprietary interfaces over UCIe​

  • Supports both Flit and Raw mode operation ​

  • Optional clock domain crossing between SoC and UCIe controller clocks​

  • Configurable datapath width to address specific bandwidth and target clock frequency requirements​

  • Flexible and scalable: any # of ports (multi-ported configs), any # of channels per port, any channel width​

  • Can be combined with other Alphawave Semi companion IP cores to enable many different configurations

GammaCORE Block Diagram

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