Controller IP

Alphawave Semi provides the industry’s leading full-comprehensive interface controller IP solutions with lowest power, area, and latency—targeting applications in data center, telecom, cloud computing, AI, NPU and 5G wireless. Our solutions include the most widely used interfaces in Ethernet, PCIe/CXL, Multi-protocol, Telco/OTN, and Die-to-Die controllers.

Ethernet Controllers

Our Ethernet controllers support all rates covering 10M to 1.6T PCS and MAC layer functions with optional FEC functions (LL FEC RS (272, 258), KR4 FEC RS (528,514), KP4 FEC RS (544,514), FC FEC (2112, 2080). The controllers are fully verified using SystemVerilog UVM coverage-driven constrain random verification methodology.

PCIe/CXL Controllers

The KappaCORE and PiCORE are configurable soft IP designed to be used in conjunction with PipeCORE-64 PCIe to form a PHY+Controller total solution for CXL/PCIe applications. The KappaCORE IP supports CXL protocol and PiCORE IP supports PCIe protocol. Both cores are efficient in design and optional features can be parameterized out.

Multi-Protocol Controllers

Our multi-protocol controllers combine Ethernet, FiberChannel, and FlexO/OTN streams at a variety of rates (for example, 10GE, 25GE, 40GE, 100GE, 400GE, 800GE and 1.6Tbps) to a single multi-channel controller to improve power and area efficiency.

The Controllers support all the latest IEEE standards and may contain the latest pre-rectified standards to allow our customers always getting the latest technology. The Controllers are silicon-proven and ready for faster time-to-market. Partial reconfiguration and dynamic reconfiguration of the Controllers by software of any channel without affecting other active channels.

Telco/OTN Controllers

The Telco/OTN Controllers support a complete portfolio of Optical Transport Network vASSPs and IP cores. The solution supports almost all constant bit-rate (CBR) and packet mapping onto OTN.

SigmaCORE HBM3 Controllers

The SigmaCORE HBM3 (High-Bandwidth Memory generation 3) controller is ideal for applications involving graphics, high-performance computing, high-end networking, and communications that require very high memory bandwidth, lower latency, and more density.

UCIe Die-to-Die Controller

GammaCORE is a Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCle™Die-to-Die Controller IP implementing the latest UCIe 1.1 specification and supporting UCIe Streaming protocol applications. It is highly configurable and customizable to address the specific application requirements with optimal latency, area, and performance.