The MidasCORE High-Bandwidth Memory Generation 3 (HBM3) PHY is ideal for applications involving graphics, high-performance computing, high-end networking, and communications that require very high memory bandwidth, lower latency, and more density. The PHY can be delivered as part of a complete HBM3 memory subsystem with an integrated HBM3 controller.


The Alphawave Semi HBM3 PHY offers superior power efficiency and supports up to 4 active operating states and dynamic voltage scaling. With a fully optimized hard macro design on advanced process technology, the Alphawave Semi PHY delivers highly reliable industry-leading performance. To minimize area, the HBM3 PHY implements an optimized micro bump array and is delivered as hard macro GOS ready for integration into 2.5D system applications. For customers that require a full 2.5D system, Alphawave Semi also offers Subsystem Hardening and Interposer Design Services.

Download High Bandwidth Memory (HBM3/2E/2) Factsheet