Team with Alphawave Semi

Team with experts at Alphawave Semi as much or as little as you want to bring your idea to fruition. With our end-to-end expertise spanning design to manufacturing of domain-optimized SoCs, Alphawave Semi is uniquely positioned to team with you to deliver high quality custom silicon in advanced nodes down to 3nm.

Front-End Design, Integration, and Verification

Alphawave Semi has the expertise to engage at the architecture phase and has delivered multiple customizable subsystems and entire SoCs for AI enabled applications.

Our capabilities include:

  • SoC Micro-architecture
  • RTL Design and Synthesis
  • SoC IP Integration
  • Design Verification
  • FPGA Prototyping
  • Silicon Bring-up
  • Silicon Verification

IP Development and Integration

Through a combination of our internally developed, highly differentiated IP and long-standing partnership with our IP ecosystem providers, Alphawave Semi has integrated hundreds of IP into very complex domain-specific SoCs in AI, HPC, data center, networking and storage applications.

Examples of these include:

  • 112G & 224G SerDes
  • Arm and RISC-V processors
  • HBM3, DDR5, LPDDR5
  • PCIe Gen6/CXL 3.0
  • Ethernet from10Mbps to 400G/800G/1.6Tbps with optional FEC functions
  • UCIe Die-to-Die IP for chiplets

Physical Design

Alphawave Semi experts in Physical Design Methodologies have completed complex chip tape-outs in a variety of process nodes including 3nm, for high-performance applications in AI, HPC, data center, networking and storage.

Design Characteristics:

  • Large Die Sizes: > 400mm²
  • CPU Hardening: >64 multi-core/multi-cluster, >3GHz
  • High-Bandwidth Memory Interfaces: HBM3, DDR5, LPDDR5
  • High-Speed Connectivity Interfaces: 112G & 224G SerDes, PCIe Gen6/CXL 3.0, 10M to 400G/800G/1.6T Ethernet, UCIe 1.1 D2D

Wafer Manufacturing

We partner with world-class foundries – TSMC, Global Foundries, Intel Foundry and Samsung – and offer a wide range of processes including leading-edge 3nm, 5nm, 7nm for high performance logic, and more mature nodes for analog or mixed signal applications.

Alphawave Semi is a long-standing member of TSMC’s Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) program.

Alphawave Semi collaborates with TSMC, Intel Foundry and Samsung as a member of the Arm Total Design ecosystem.

Advanced Packaging

Alphawave Semi provides a complete solution from package selection through design and development, to high-volume manufacturing. We understand the importance of selecting the proper packaging solution to meet the technical and cost constraints of each design.

As part of our investment in chiplets, Alphawave Semi is also leading the revolution in advanced packaging. We have multiple ongoing engagements with advanced 2.5D packaging technologies such as TSMC Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate (CoWoS) and Integrated Fan-Out on Substrate (InFO_oS).

Test, Quality and Supply Chain Management

A team of fab, packaging, test and product engineers work closely with our customer to identify and select the right process technology solution for each design. After RTP (Release to Production) our global manufacturing team ensures that the products meet and exceed the yield and quality targets which is evident by the very low DPPM achieved (average 25 DPPM return rate for over 150 million units shipped).

Open-Silicon Inc., an Alphawave Semi company, is the legal entity operating under the Alphawave Semi brand whose Scope of ISO 9001:2015 Certification is, “Design, Manufacture, and Sales of ASICs utilizing subcontracted Wafer, Fabrication, Assembly and Test Services.”

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