Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – Old

Bold ideas flow from top-down diversity

At Alphawave Semi, ensuring diverse representation and the bold ideas it creates is something we take seriously from the top-down.

More than half of our independent board is made up of women, who are leading figures in global technology companies. It is reflective of our diverse workforce, which is over 20% female and where 75% of our global workforce identifies with a minority group.

We are proud of our diverse workforce

We are one of the only semiconductor companies with a majority-women independent Board of Directors.

Over 20% female and more than 75% of our workforce identifies with a minority group across our global team.

Social Responsibility

  • Labor Management: All our employees are in geographies that are highly regulated to ensure excellent working conditions. We do not leverage low-cost geographies that expose workforces to poor conditions or below-market compensation.
  • Supply Chain: We use some of the most respected and highest-end suppliers and partners in the semiconductor world. Our supply chain does not include partners from low-cost geographies.
  • Giving Back: Our founders and our company give back to communities in the places we live, our customers live, and in the world we live. Annual and ad-hoc donations enable causes to do great work.

Sharing our value among shareholders and employees

We do not want to exist as a top-down organisation. We have appropriate governance between management, the board, and employees which sets the tone for how we engage with our stakeholders. Our compensation structure reflects our shared purpose.

Employee salary compensation, for example, on average, exceeds the compensation of any of the founding management team. Moving forward 100% of our stock-based compensation will be for employees. This is part of our commitment not just to shareholder value but enabling our colleagues to share in the value they create.

Responsible Governance

Management Structure: Our management is inclusive, fair, accessible, and has a well-established controls environment with a clear balance of power between the CEO, Executive Chairman, and the Board of Directors. Our Board of Directors is majority-independent and is committed to ensuring that corporate governance is an integral part of our company.

Equity Structure: We have one class of shares in our company – Ordinary shares. There are no special rights, no ratchets, no liquidation preferences, and no special voting agreements. All shares carry the same rights.

Executive Compensation: Our management team is paid at the bottom quartile of public companies in the FTSE250. As we continue to grow, we will be waiving bonuses and long-term incentive plans for founder management and we will continue our commitment to driving shareholder value with our policy of below-market compensation for founder management.

Employee Compensation: All our employees are shareholders in the company and are rewarded annually with salary increases and bonuses. Founder management has waived any future stock awards for themselves.

Our low carbon footprint

The fact that we make IP means that we have a low carbon footprint. However, we strongly believe that all companies have an obligation to actively help society decarbonise, and we are proud of the fact that our technology has been built to perform better at lower power.

This has the potential to reduce the carbon footprint of large portions of the world’s IT infrastructure. Though the transmission of data is a small percentage of the total power consumption in many systems, there are many millions of devices that can benefit from our power savings.

Committed to Carbon Neutrality

We are committed to being a carbon neutral company, using Bullfrog Power to purchase power from renewable energy sources that meet or exceed the strictest environmental criteria.

  • We provide silicon IP solutions, so we have an extremely low carbon footprint compared to other companies in the semiconductor industry.
  • Though our environment impact is low, we are committed to actively decarbonising our carbon footprint and operating with zero carbon footprint.
  • To deal with electronic equipment at the end of their life cycle, we use robust product lifecycle management programs for our computer and IT resources and recycle electronic equipment. This helps to recover precious and rare earth metals.
  • Our products enable data to travel at lower power, which has the potential to lower the carbon footprint of large portions of the world’s IT infrastructure.

Reducing climate risk through transparent disclosure

We care about embedding transparency in our financial disclosures, so that we can be a part of greener financial markets, where climate risk can be more accurately assessed, and investors can make informed decisions. We intend to report using the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework.