Alphawave Semi Expands Partnership with Samsung Foundry to Further Drive Innovation at Advanced Semiconductor Nodes

Extensive range of IP for processes down to 2nm encompasses leading-edge technology for  PCIe 7.0, 112G and 224G Ethernet, and UCIe

LONDON, United Kingdom, and TORONTO, Canada – June 11, 2024 Alphawave Semi (LSE: AWE), a global leader in high-speed connectivity and compute silicon for the world’s technology infrastructure, has announced the expansion of its strategic partnership with Samsung Foundry, one of the world’s leading advanced semiconductor manufacturers.

The expanded agreement encompasses leading-edge IP for PCI Express 7.0, 112G and 224G Ethernet and the latest UCIe (Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express) die-to-die interconnect standard that is enabling next-generation SoC (system-on-chip) technologies for AI and other HPC systems.

Alphawave Semi’s partnership with Samsung Foundry is based on an extensive range of IP aimed at minimizing design risks and propelling the success of high-performance silicon and next-generation chiplets for sectors such as artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), data networking, autonomous vehicles and solid-state storage (SSD). The latest expansion of the collaboration expands these offerings for Samsung’s cutting-edge SF5 (5nm), SF4 (4nm), and SF2 (2nm) processes with additional, state-of-the-art IP that is essential for next-generation compute and network connectivity.

“Strengthening our collaboration with Samsung Foundry marks a significant step forward in our mission to drive the future of high-speed connectivity,” said Alphawave Semi CTO Tony Chan Carusone. “This partnership leverages both Alphawave Semi’s leading-edge IP portfolio and Samsung’s manufacturing prowess to meet the fast-growing demands of high-performance computing and networking.”

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with Alphawave Semi,” said Jongshin Shin, Corporate EVP of foundry IP development at Samsung Foundry. “By harnessing their cutting-edge IP technologies alongside our advanced semiconductor processes, this collaboration is set to redefine benchmarks for high-speed connectivity and high-performance computing, supporting the ongoing evolution and success of next-generation AI systems and network solutions.”

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