KappaCORE-64 CXL Controller Factsheet

The KappaCORE-64™ from Alphawave Semi is a CXL™ Controller IP that implements the latest CXL 3.0 spec, which is backward compatible with CXL 2.0 and CXL 1.1 specs. This controller forms a complete CXL solution, when integrated with Alphawave Semi’s PipeCORE-64™ PCIe® PHY. The Controller IP is customer configurable and supports CXL 3.0 Specification with a PHY Interface utilizing the latest Intel PIPE 6.x specification and supports up to x16 lane widths. The CXL IP is built on top of the PCIe Controller IP for the CXL.io path and adds additional support for CXL.mem and CXL.cache traffic.