OmegaCORE 10G/40G/100G/400G OTN Digital Wrappers Factsheet

Alphawave Semi offers a dynamically reconfigurable OTUC4, 2xOTUC2, and 4xOTU4 OTN digital wrapper IP core solution. The IP core is a perfect choice for carrying 400/200GE (IEEE 802.3bs) signal, 100GE signal over Optical Transport Network. Software can configure the IP core into 1xOTUC4 mode, 2xOTUC2 mode and 4xOTU4 mode dynamically.

This core supports 3 levels of OH insertions and extractions: register programming, memory programming and external programming via a dedicated OH port. It comes with Optional GFEC/HDFEC core, which can be bypassed when connected with external high-gain FEC or Coherence module. It also comes with optional FlexO-1/2/4-SR Line interface or OTLC4 interface. The OTN core supports full alarm and OH inserts and extracts as specified in ITU G.709 and ITU G.798.