OmegaCORE 200G/400G/800G MAC Factsheet

The OmgaCORE 200G/400G/800G Ethernet IP cores are cutting edge solution to the 200G/400G/800G Ethernet application. It supports the Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) for 64B/66B, type 800G/400G/200GBASE-R function based on the Ethernet Technology Consortium and IEEE 802.3bs.

There are 4 MAC Cores: 200G MAC, 400G MAC, 800G or 200G/400G/800G MAC. Comprehensive MAC/RS statistics are supported in all MAC Cores. TX or RX MAC statistics can be optionally “removed” to save logic area. All MAC cores are designed with low latency and cut-through features. For a complete Ethernet solution, the MAC Core seamlessly integrates with the OmegaCORE 200G/400G/800G PCS.

Optional add-ons to MAC Cores are 1588v2 feature, 802.3br Express Traffic feature and 802.1Qbb PFC feature support.