OmegaCORE 400G OTN with AES Factsheet

The OmegaCORE 400G OTN Transponder with AES offers a dynamically reconfigurable 400GE or 4x100GE to 4xOTU4, 2xOTUC2 or 1xOTUC4 transponder/muxponder solution. It is a single SOC ASIC/FPGA-based solution. A standard set of software API (application programming interface) or a customizable software driver comes with all SOC solutions to allow ease of client software development. Customization in the SOC and Software API/driver is also available for our clients through our design services.

This core supports 100G, 200G, and 400G Ethernet clients. The core comes with optional Ethernet MAC/RS statistic and performance monitoring and AES-GCM encryption capability at the OPU layer.

Our SOC solution offers state-of-the-art technology to our clients while facilitating quick adaptability to changes in technology and standards. We always keep our SOC code-base updated as close to the release date of latest standard updates as possible. This allows extremely short time-to-market with the latest technology offered.