Unleashing a 1.6T Ecosystem for AI Accelerated Data Infrastructure with 200G Interconnect Technologies – Webinar

In the ever-evolving landscape of high-speed data connectivity, Alphawave Semi is proud to be at the forefront of innovation and collaboration in standards forums, enabling multi-vendor interoperability. In this webinar we have delved into the fascinating journey towards enabling 1.6T interconnectivity and the pivotal role standards bodies play in achieving 200Gbps Ethernet interoperability. 

The Road to 1.6T Technologies

  1. Investigate the evolution towards 1.6T technologies and the role of standards bodies in addressing 200G per lane interoperability.
  2. Delve into the development efforts of forums addressing 200G, such as OIF and IEEE 802.3, and understand their timelines in driving technological advancements.
  3. Explore the various permutations of interconnectivity technologies at 1.6T, shedding light on the possibilities and potential breakthroughs in the AI/ML datacenter and beyond.

Unlocking the Power of 224G SerDes

  1. Discover the driving force behind 224G SerDes: Generative AI and Large Language Models. Learn why higher performance with efficient power and area utilization is crucial.
  2. Explore the complexities of C2M/C2C, CR, and KR channel topologies and the challenges they pose in supporting 224G, including issues related to bandwidth, crosstalk, reflections, and more.
  3. Gain insights into Alphawave Semi’s groundbreaking 224G SerDes technology and how we leverage our successful 112G SerDes to support this higher data rate. Get an exclusive update on the development process and initial test results.
  4. Uncover the key enablers for 224G, including MLSD, FEC, reduced noise, jitter, and ecosystem innovations that are propelling the industry forward.


Michael Klempa
Product Marketing Specialist
Alphawave Semi

Todd Bermensolo
Product Marketing Manager
Alphawave Semi