Setting the Pace with PCIe® Gen 7: Alphawave Semi’s Success at PCIe® Devcon 2024

Alphawave Semi proudly took the stage as a platinum sponsor at this year’s PCIe® Devcon, showcasing the latest innovations in PCIe and reaffirming our leadership in high-performance connectivity solutions. The event, held recently in Santa Clara, provided an ideal platform for our cutting-edge PCIe® IP platform.

Pushing Boundaries with PCIe® 7.0

PCIe solutions are being accelerated to the next-generation of 7.0 with rates of 128 GT/s, designed to meet the escalating demands of high-performance computing and connectivity. After unveiling our first demonstration of 128G PAM4 operation at PCIe DevCon 2023, with subsequent demonstrations at DesignCon 2024 and OFC 2024, optimizations in performance will enable interoperability and critical functionality in even the most challenging of channels and environments.

PCIe 6.0 Interoperability Showcase

Alphawave Semi featured several cutting-edge demonstrations at PCIe® Devcon 2024:

  • 64 GT/s PCIe® 6.0 Subsystem with Electro-Optical Link Integration: Our full PCIe® 6.0 subsystem solution, integrating an electro-optical link that achieves 64 Gbps per lane. This setup combines Alphawave Semi’s advanced controller IP and top-tier PAM4 SerDes PHY with InnoLight’s LPO OSFP optics, setting new standards for performance, power efficiency, and latency in modern data centers.
  • 64 GT/s PCIe® 6.0 Subsystem Featuring OSFP-XD PCIe ® Direct Attach Cabling: Highlighting our comprehensive PCIe® 6.0 subsystem solution, this demo supports Amphenol’s OSFP-XD PCIe® Direct Attach Cables, enhancing connectivity across data center racks with extended reaches of thin gauge for high flexibility passive copper cabling. Our solution, leveraging sophisticated controller IP and PAM4 SerDes PHY, delivers unmatched performance and low-latency channel solutions.
  • 64 GT/s PCIe® 6.0 Specification Interoperability with Viavi: The collaboration between Alphawave Semi and Viavi demonstrated a complete PCIe® 6.0 link. Our implementation of the PCIe® 6.0 64 GT/s FLIT-based protocol underscores our support for higher data rates critical for hyperscale and data infrastructure applications. This interoperability builds upon our successful track record with Viavi in PCIe® 5.0, reinforcing our leadership in PCIe® technology advancements.

Presentations from PCIe® DevCon

At the show, Alphawave Semi’s David Kulansky delivered a technical presentation on the obstacles that engineers are working to overcome in the roll-out of PCIe® over Optical.
By enabling this innovative technology, standard PCIe® cards will operate as a cluster remotely from a host computer with no additional programming or drivers. And in his talk, entitled ‘PCIe® over Optical: Implementation and Challenges’, David delved into the complexities and solutions that lie ahead.


Alphawave Semi’s presence at PCIe® Devcon 2024 was not just about showcasing our technological prowess, but also setting new industry standards through key partner collaborations that will define the future of high-performance connectivity. As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation with our PCIe® IP platform, we are confident that Alphawave Semi will remain the partner of choice for those seeking unparalleled performance and reliability for connectivity solutions.

To view the video on “Alphawave Semi’s High-Performance PCIe® 7.0 & 6.0 IP Subsystems for Enhanced Connectivity and Computing” click here.
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