10G-100G/400G/800G/1.6T_ZX (e.g., Telecom)

The 10G-100G/400G/800G/1.6T_ZX from Alphawave Semi is a multi- channel, multi-rate Ethernet aggregator that supports tributaries in combinations up to 100G for 10G-100G_ZX, 400G for the 10G-400G_ZX, 800G for the 10G-800G_ZX, 1.6T for the 10G-1.6T_ZX utilizing the 112G/s SerDes, 56G/s SerDes and 25G/s SerDes.

Supported protocols

  • Ethernet: 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G, 100G, 200G, 400G, 800G
  • FiberChannel: 10GFC, 16GFC, 32GFC, 64GFC, 128GFC, 256GFC
  • FEC framing of FlexO-1/2/4-SR

With Core clock frequency of 1.6GHz at 7nm, 5nm, or lower, the Cores deliver smallest footprint among similar solution in the Ethernet/FiberChannel/FlexO SOC market.


It supports any legal combination of Ethernet/Fiberchannel/FlexO rate up to 2x 800G (1.6T). It supports a maximum of 16 or 32 Ethernet channels and works most efficiently when coupled with one of Alphawave Semi’s 112G SerDes solutions.


It supports any legal combination of Ethernet/FiberChannel/FlexO rate up to 800G. This Core supports with bonded 2 x 400G PCS and a single 800G MAC.


It supports any legal combination of Ethernet/FiberChannel/FlexO rate up to 400G.


It supports tributaries at 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G in combinations up to 100GE.


  • Digital crossbar among all SerDes lanes in both TX and RX directions in the SerDes Mux/Demux
  • Combines Ethernet streams at a variety of rates to a single multi-channel interface at the MAC
  • Ultralow latency and power efficient FEC core with support for IEEE 802.3 required FEC variances, including:
    • Low Latency Reed-Soloman Forward Error Correction (LL RS-FEC (272, 258)
    • 4 Lane (x4) Electrical Backplane (KR4 RS-FEC (528,514)
    • Copper Backplane x4 (KP4 RS-FEC (544,514)
    • Twin axial copper / Fibre (FC-FEC (2112,2080)
  • Dynamically change rate on any port without affecting existing traffic
  • Provide OTN, FlexE, FlexO, OTU25/50-RS, xGFC access ports
  • Support 1588, 802.1Qbb (PFC) and 802.3br express traffic (TSN).

Typical Configurations

10G-1p6T_ZX Supported Protocols and Rates

10G-800G_ZX Supported Protocols and Rates