The ZeusCORE Xtra-Long-Reach (XLR) Multi-Standard-Serdes (MSS) IP is a highly configurable IP that supports all leading edge NRZ and PAM data center standards from 1 Gbps to 112 Gbps, supporting diverse protocols such as PCI-Express 6.0 (2.5/5/8/16/32/64 GT/s) and Ethernet (1G/10G/25G/50G/100/200 Gbps).


What differentiates ZeusCORE is the addition of a Most Likely Sequence Detector (MLSD) that significantly extends the channel reach performance. This extends the system solution space for customers with the most challenging channels.

Most Likely Sequence Detector (MLSD)

MLSD uses Viterbi Detection to make slicing decisions based on a sequence of data symbols. MLSD minimizes decision error across a sequence of symbols and improves the Signal-to-Noise Ratio and Bit Error Rate of systems.

High speed A/D

The ZeusCORE MSS IP employs a high speed A/D architecture that has configurability for both the A/D sampling rate as well as the A/D resolution.

Sub-Sampling Clock Multiplier

The ZeusCORE CDR employs a wide tuning, sub-sampling clock multiplier that can track over 5000 ppm error for both scrambled and 8B/10B encoded data

Master Controller

The ZeusCORE DSP Master Controller includes:

  • All required training is integrated, without the need of external RAM
  • Non-destructive eye monitoring
  • 1+D Partial Response Coding

ZeusCORE Proven IP

This video demonstrates the ground-breaking performance of the Alphawave Semi ZeusCORE IP.

Download ZeusCORE Proven IP Video


Receive Equalization

Designed for closed eye, backplane systems greater then 40db of insertion loss at Nyquist for PAM4 with high MLSD. Includes blind adaptive equalizer and channel estimator.

Output Driver Voltage

Programmable 400 – 1200 mVdiff-pkpk (inner eye)

Supply Voltages

Core – 0.75V

IO – 1.2V

Devices Used

Core – SVT, LVT, and ULVT

IO – 1.8V SVT

Download ZeusCORE XLR MSS Factsheet