Alphawave IP Officially 5.0 Certified on the PCI-SIG Integrator’s List


Interoperability is the juncture of conformance and performance, and the ultimate mark is certification. We are incredibly proud to announce this massive milestone for Alphawave IP In becoming PCI-SIG 5.0 Integrator’s List certified. This includes passing the interoperability and gold suite tests, which are developed to ensure any designs that achieve this recognition are third-party tested, reliable, and plays well with others compliant with PCIe 5.0. Of the 800+ company members and ~1500 devices on the IL, Alphawave’s CEM and End Point solutions are only 2 of 28 meeting these criteria. Meeting these criteria in one’s own lab is a feat in itself, but passing PCIe compliance signals your device underwent an unbiased and industry-accepted set of trials via a plugfest thus indicating a signal to the world of validation, undoubtfully eliminating any sense of trepidation.

Passing all interoperability and compliance tests is no small feat and puts Alphawave IP in the company of the fastest transmitting PCI-SIG certified IP’s in the PCIe ecosystem. As a PCIe 5.0 Integrator’s List IP subsystem, you can rest assured any iteration of this IP was rigorously tested to meet the strict requirements as prescribed by the SIG and will ensure any products that utilize Alphawave IP’s design will be not only backwards compatible for any legacy design but also reliable and fast enough to keep up with PCI-SIGs latest GEN5 standards. This is a big milestone as Alphawave IP demonstrates our device is one of the few certified and available IPs at PCIe Gen5 speed in the market.

And on the heels of our Gen 5.0 news, we are continuously working in the background and are ready for the Gen6 test program to shape up so we can put our Gen6 design shown off live at PCIe DevCon 2022 through similar tests. The need for bandwidth ensures the continual evolution of the standard and Alphawave IP’s push of connectivity faster, with higher performance and lower area and power, and will continue to meet and exceed these requirements when the next version of PCIe-GEN6 certification is ready.