Alphawave Announces Immediate Availability of Advanced PCIe Gen1-5 PHY on TSMC’S 7nm Process

Toronto, CANADA, July 16, 2019 — Alphawave IP, a leading provider of multi-standard connectivity IP solutions for electronic devices, today announced immediate availability of its PipeCORE® PCIe Gen1-5 PHY.  PipeCORE® is an advanced DSP based 7nm PCIe Gen1-5 PHY and is available on TSMC’s industry-leading 7nm process technology. The PipeCORE® can also demonstrate 64Gbps PAM4 rates for early PCI-Express Gen6 adopters. The PipeCORE® PHY leverages the same advanced high-speed ADC architecture utilized by Alphawave’s AlphaCORE Multi-Standard Serdes (MSS) IP that has been delivered to customers in 7nm since earlier in 2019.

“I am really proud that the Alphawave team has delivered working PCIe Gen1-5 silicon the first time!” said Tony Pialis, President and CEO of Alphawave.  “Alphawave continues to focus on the highest-performance IPs for our connectivity portfolio. Demonstrating such an advanced IP that also supports PCIe Gen6 PAM4 so quickly after the PCIe Gen6 standard was introduced will benefit our customers with faster time-to-market for their innovations.”

The PipeCORE® PCIe Gen1-5 IP balances leading-edge performance with industry-leading power consumption, which is a paramount concern for platforms that leverage high-end PCIe connectivity.  PipeCORE® is highly configurable and available in one, two, four, eight and sixteen lane configurations, but consumes less than 200mW of power at 32Gbps.  In addition, the core supports up to 64Gbps rates using PAM4 signaling, allowing users to safeguard future products with built-in upgrade capability. Alphawave is focused exclusively on multi-standard connectivity silicon IP solutions for all of the world’s devices.  Its multi-standard SERDES solutions were first made available in 7nm to customers earlier this year, and have been developed concurrently with an Internet-of-Things (IOT) focused multi-standard Radio (MSR) portfolio that will be launched later in 2019.  Both the MSS and MSR portfolios leverage a common innovative DSP-based architecture that was developed by Alphawave in 2017.