Alphawave Semi’s ZeusCORE Demonstration at ECOC 2022 Video

Alphawave Semi’s Extra Long Reach (XLR) Multi-Standard Serdes (MSS) ZeusCORE was on display at ECOC 2022 in Basel, Switzerland at the OIF (Optical Internetworking Forum) CEI (Common Electrical I/O)112G demonstration, successfully interoperating with other vendors over VSR (Very Short Reach), MR (Medium Reach) and LR (Long Reach) channels consisting of ISI (Inter-Symbol Interference) channels, mated test fixtures and 3.5m of copper cable, at a bit error rate of 1E-10. Alphawave Semi is a member of the OIF, accelerating progressive transformation in optical networking by driving the electrical, optical and control interoperability that enables a more efficient and reliable network.