OmegaCORE 10G/25G MAC PCS/FEC Factsheet

Alphawave Semi OmegaCORE 10GE_25GE is the fully integrated Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS), KR4 FEC and Media Access Controller (MAC) core for 25Gbps Ethernet applications which is complaint with IEEE 802.3by standard. The interface to the PMA supports a single 10G/25Gbps bi-directional, serial interface. The PCS sublayer includes 66B encoding, transcoding and scrambling. This Core also supports CPRI-8, 9 and 10 PCS mode configurable through software register.

The north-bound interface from the MAC provides a configurable 64-bit system interface.

The southbound interface performs the mapping of transmit and receive data streams (at the PMA layer) to the on-chip SERDES.