OmegaCORE 25GE/32GFC/CPRI10 Factsheet

The fully integrated PCS/FEC Layer core for 25Gbps Ethernet, FibreChannel 32GFC and CPRI-10 applications is complaint with IEEE 802.3by-2016 standard, ANSI Fibre Channel- Framing and Signaling (FC-FS-4/5) and Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) Interface Specification, V7.0 (2015-10-09). The interface to the PMA supports either 1x 25Gbps or a single 25Gbps bi-directional, serial interface.

The IP core supports both 25GE FEC layer, 32GFC and CPRI-10 FEC layer functions. The configuration is dynamically switchable via software register.

The north-bound interface from the MAC/PCS provides a 66-bit PCS interface or 66B OTN mapping layer.

The southbound interface performs the mapping of transmit and receive data streams (at the PMA layer) to the on-chip SerDes. This core is responsible for channel alignment and KR4 FEC management. The PCS supports an interface for 25GBASE-CR or 25GBASE-KR.

Download OmegaCORE 25GE/32GFC/CPRI10 Factsheet

Download OmegaCORE 25GE/32GFC/CPRI10 Factsheet