OmegaCORE QSGMII/SGMII/ 1000BASE-X Factsheet

Alphawave Semi OmegaCORE QSGMII and SGMII/1000BASE-X is the fully integrated 5G QSGMII, 2.5G/1.25G SGMII and 1000BASE-X Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS-X) and Media Access Controller (MAC) core for Ethernet applications which is complaint with IEEE 802.3 standard and QSGMII and SGMII specifications. The interface to the PMA supports a single channel Tri mode bi-directional, serial interface. The PCS sublayer supports 8B10B encoding (QSGMII/SGMII/1000BASE-X). This Tri-Mode Core is configurable through software register.

The west-bound interface from the MAC provides a configurable 32-bit system interface.

The east-bound interface performs the mapping of transmit and receive data streams (at the PMA layer) to the on-chip SERDES.